About Us

The Story So Far…

Fred began his career with crystal by chance at the tender age of sixteen. When visiting Waterford City in Ireland he called into the Waterford Crystal Factory, where he accidentally discovered that interviews were taking place. He applied for a summer job to while away the long vacation and was accepted. Fred had no idea of the path that lay ahead of him.

For the next five years Fred learned to perfect the craft of crystal cutting and graduated as a fully qualified cutter. He continued training for a further five years to achieve his Masters Cutting Certificate. Fred was now a craftsman at the highest level. But all the while his ambition to do something on a even higher plane was evolving.

In 2006, after nearly 30 years with Waterford Crystal, Fred embarked on a new challenge and set up his own studio at his home in Wexford. Here he is inspired by the natural beauty all around him. He now enjoys a new freedom of expression that allows him to create individual works of art in crystal that will further enhance his reputation as a true Master of his craft.

In his spare time Fred would sculpt animals and birds from discarded pieces of broken crystal. His work attracted the eye of his peers. His unique skill as a designer and sculptor could not be denied and he soon became the founding member of Waterford's flagship sculpting department, working with the Maestro of Crystal, Miroslav Havel, Waterford's Director of Design and a true genius of his craft.

The rest of Fred's story is made up of one accomplishment after another. For the next two decades Fred produced some of the world’s most prestigious pieces, presented to the world’s most famous public figures - Mother Theresa, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Clint Eastwood, Mary Robinson and Jack Charlton to name but a few. He has also designed and produced many international sports trophies such as World Series Baseball, Tennis, Formula 1 and Golf Championships. He has travelled the world extensively to showcase and present his work.